Oprah and Joel

In Chapter 6, Oprah and Joel Osteen are discussed as televangelists.  Both Oprah and Joel go by a first name basis, preach a lighter version of the gospel called prosperity teaching, and own these mega entities that allow thousands to follow their words.  Oprah and Joel both offer products such as books, have taped “sermons, and give you their perspective on how to become just like them.  I am actually doing my project on Oprah and her brand of spirituality, so to read about how she operates from a televangelists prospective is interesting.  In my opinion both use a more secular teaching, which is considered sacred.  The more you read the Chapter you see how they are adapting to these New Age Spiritualists with the option of a lighter teaching. They both tap into this new audience, who want a combination of religion and common sense, which is making both of them more money than they ever dreamed.  People no longer want to belong to a religious institution or hold that loyalty the same anymore.  They want to be able to worship in their own way and still have God without having an organized religion.  Oprah is more of the women’s empowerment movement with little inserts of God.  Joel Osteen is actually the televangelist who owns the mega church, and preaches God with little inserts of common thinking.  In my opinion I believe nothing can take the place of actually attending service, and there is no substitution of being part of organized religion.  The opportunity to meet new people, and worship with others who are like is an incredible experience that no taping or internet sermon can offer.

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