Osteen and Oprah, Powerful Televangelists

In Chapter 6, of Brands of faith Einstein, points out the tactics Joel Osteen and Oprah Winfrey use to promote the word and how all of this love to God and getting the public involved in the mega churches is a way to do marketing.  Televangelism is the use of television to communicate the Christian faith, and this is what both of these public figures do.  They are both respected and well know in the television world.

Osteen’s brand name is “The Champion in you” he is one of the most powerful speaker and that is why people love him. His show is the most watched religious broadcast in America.  He captivates people with his words and he knows how to use it.  His shows are like infomercials live and with testimonies, which give the viewer a sense of credibility.  Osteens wife is included in most marketing materials, which I feel help the believers identify with them more.  In his commercials or websites Osteen does not ask for money they ask for it once the people are at the mega churches.  I find this interesting how many people want to be touched by god and are trying to find forgiveness from him by attending these services.

Oprah on the other hand is pretty much similar to Osteen in the marketing sense and trying to condemn people by not looking for god.  Einstein stated in her book that her myth is that she is a wise friend whom people can count on.  A lot of viewers do not see Oprah as a simple TV host; they see her as a friend, advisor and confidant.  This is the way she is able to reach the mass audience because she has gained their trust and attention.  Oprah is also a powerful speaker.

All I can say s that I don’t believe that getting people for their money is the correct way to get them close to god.  People want to connect with the lord and of what Einstein pointed out in this book these two public figures main target are the gullible.

I found the video below interesting because it addressed all of the points that prof. EInstein addressed in class and in her book.

60 Minutes interview of Joel Olsteen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv8FwssTGCg&feature=related

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