Marketing Religion

Religion has always used marketing to gain followers. From the beginnings of Christianity and Islam the first followers built their religion by promoting the great qualities one can get out of religion. Using these methods religious institutions have prospered throughout the world. The advertising and marketing industry have adopted these same strategies. Advertisers use price placement and promotion to sell their product. They also use branding to set themselves apart from other products and create a persona for their product that consumers can identify. Another way is to show what the consumer will get or achieve through using this product. These are the most common selling tactics. Recently, religion has had to market itself due to the increasingly competitive world we live in today. We no longer live in a time where religion is past down from generation to generation, being bought up in a religious family doesn’t guarantee ones religious faith. In America religion is an open market, this is due to the fact that there is no official state sponsored religion. People are free to shop around all the different religions offered in this diverse country and choose their own, not adopt their parent’s religious views. This open market causes different religious groups to fight for their religion. They need to market their religion in order for people to gain interest in it. Religion is being marketed in many ways; the Internet is a growing form. With online churches such as Joel Osteen’s mega church which is televised and can be viewed on the internet. Joel Osteen’s church is a great example of marketing religion. Osteen uses a very inclusive and practical format for his congregation; which is an easier way to attract potential followers. Osteen doesn’t use specific terms such as god or religion, which are terms that may scare away newcomers. Instead, he concentrates on subjects such as self-help and creating a better life. His church is heavily marketed with web feeds of his TV sermons, and books, which are very popular and generate mass profit.

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