Easter Home Mailer

Over the spring break I visited my cousins in Tampa, Florida. It was right in time for the Easter holiday. While visiting I came across this mailer on the counter. I thought this was a mailer sent advertising a new movie, or TV show at first glance. When I looked further at the AD trying to figure out what it was about, I realized it was an advertisement for a new church! I was in complete shock because it looks like the type of ad for a movie or a new store and product. Once I realized what it was actually about, I began to look at the way it was formatted, the pictures, symbols, text, and words highlighted in bold used to create this religious home Mailer.

This is the front of the AD, which shows a bunch of people wandering around seemingly lost is presented in black, around the center highlighted person in white with the huge word ONE on their chest. The words a brand new series are right under this, and the words brand new are highlighted in bold. This made me think of the new churches and faiths discussed in class and our research that centers the person faith on the individual. The figure is enlightened and away from the other figures is interesting. Also, the fact that it’s a “brand new series” shows their offering a new faith and practice to these homes in the Tampa area. I believe it was also advertising practicing religous faith from home on your TV by watching their church live videos, as well as attending.   Even the little symbol at the bottom, almost seemed like a trademark symbol for the church like most companies or TV shows use.

 The back of the Ad became even more interesting. There was a scanner barcode to find them from your phone on the top right, and find meaning in your life by texting hope to the number on the back. This I think demonstrates who its targeting, possibly people who don’t really have any set purpose or meaning, or religion already in their lives. This Ad was for an Easter Celebration and gathering, putting in bold and highlighting the words “THIS EASTER” in the beginning of the message, and its purpose was to invite you to listen to great music and inspire you to a greater living.  I thought this was very different from any mailer I have ever seen, and that it found its way amongst the rest of the regular requested mail. My cousins are Catholic Christians, and attend their own catholic church in which we attended this Easter.

I looked at the website, and it has more ideas and values that were a bit new to me. If interested here is the link to learn more about this specific church.


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