Branding Faith

Today in class we briefly discussed branding and the professor mentioned the apple being more than just a computer, the apple icon symbolizes one of the top advances in technology. Apple not only creates computers but Ipads, Ipods, and more. Today this icon has become very popular with everyone so much that one person can own all of thes items. I myself have become a victim of the apple. I own a Mac laptop, an Ipod touch and my parents own a Mac desktop for the house.

Another thing I found very interesting and could relate to is when she mentioned the age groups of young children recognizing brands such as McDonalds golden arches. I have a younger sister who is about to be four years old and it had me thinking, does she recognize brands as well? After thinking about it for a little while I realized she does. Whenever we ask her what she would like to eat she says “McDonald’s” or “chicken nuggets (from McDonald’s).” When we are out she chooses Spongebob wherever she sees it. Nickelodeon has practically brain washed her. She owns Spongebob bed sheets, camera, almost every type of Spongebob clothing, games, shoes, anything you can think of, my sister has it in Spongebob.

In Einstein’s book Brands of Faith she mentions ” … unconsciously everything you know about the brand, including your past experiences with it, comes into playat the time of purchase.” I never thought about this until I read that, but I quickly noticed how true it is. When we go to buy something we always think about what other people have told us about the product or similar products from the same brand . I know I love Mac and so do my parents. It started one year when my mother asked for and Ipod for Christmas and then we all eventually received one for our birthdays or Christmas after that because we loved hers so much. When I began college I wanted a Mac laptop because I knew people who had one and were all so satisfied with it and since I knew that they were top knotch I decided to get one. At the time my parents were still using a Microsoft computer and after about a year they hated it and were using my laptop all the time, because it was so much better, eventually they went out and bought a Mac desktop for themselves. My sister needs everything Spongebob because she is constantly watching it on TV so when she chooses something it is automatically Spongebob since that is what she knows and has great experience with. This is all examples of how our experiences with a product come into play and determine whether we buy it or not.

“Products and faiths are both sources for identity creation,” Einstein mentions in her book. I agree with this because we use our faith to follow a certian lifestyle and we use products to represent that lifestyle. I realized this chapter will help me with my final paper which is on the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) products. These are religious products used to represent religous meaning to Christians. We tend to think of faith as one and branding as something different but today they are both combined in many ways. Faith has become a brand and we all look at different faiths in a perspective from what we know about it and our experiences with people of other faiths.

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